Sri Lanka 2006

Our plane from Martin Air arrives at Schiphol Amsterdam.  Elephants getting out of the river. Pinnawela.  The mahouts take the elephants back to the main camp. Pinnawela.  Our temple elephant in the backyard from the Tulip of Ceylon.  Near the Tulip of Ceylon we saw this water buffalo standing under a tree. 
The inside of the Temple of the sacred Tooth in Kandy.  This is a gaint bell in the garden of the Temple of the sacred Tooth.  From the second floor of the Temple of the sacred Tooth you have a nice view.  Inside this cabin is no light or electricity, just the light from outside. This is how most people live in the farmlands. Near Kandy.  The interior of a kitchen in Sri Lanka where most people still cook on a woodfire. Near the Tulip of Ceylon. 
A beautifull colourd bird in the garden of the Tulip of Ceylon.  Little shy girl holding her mothers hand. Near Tulip of Ceylon.  At the place where they keep the temple elephants we saw this Kingfisher. Near Mawanella.  This is the great tusker, the most famous elephant in Sri Lanka. He is the one who leads the temple processions from the Temple of the sacred Tooth. Near Mawanella.  These girls went home after school. Near Tulip of Ceylon. 
The swimming pool at the Tulip of Ceylon from where you can overlook the jungle.  This grey hornbill is endemic in Sri Lanka, he cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Tree Tops.  A sunbird has made a nice nest for her and her offspring. Tree Tops.  This is a very beautifull chameleon, about 20 cm long. Near Tree Tops.  Flower from a plant, it holds a lot of water because it growes in the dry zone. Near Tree Tops. 
On a stick in the dry paddy fields was this bird posing for us. Near Tree Tops.  This endemic bird is a regular visitor in the garden of the Ratnaloka Tour Inns hotel.  Almost night, the sun gets down. In the distance you can see a bird in the tree. Ratnapura.  Another nightfall seen from our hotel, the shadowshape is from the leafes of a palm tree. Ratnapura.  This is a very beautifull Indian Bee eater, the colours a very strong. Near Ratnapura. 
There are a lot of old cars in Ratnapura, but this is one of the most beautifull. It is an old Peugeot 404.  The garden of the Ratnaloka Tour inns hotel houses a lot of wild animals, like this big monitor lizzard.  This elephant want to cross the road but he finds our Jeep also very interesting. This was a single male. Uda Walawe NP.  The Snake Eagle has caught a prey. He almost finished his meal, because there is not much left. Uda Walawe NP.  The white spotted deers crossed our road with hunderds at the same time, this two where last in row. Uda Walawe NP. 
The black and white Kingfisher is not so common as the normal one. This was the first time we saw one. Negombo Lagune.  This is a common stork in the Negombo Lagune.